Venture Church
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Our Purpose

To know Jesus and to make him known

We value people, and place an emphasis on developing relationships, a.k.a. doing life together.

We believe in being a real Church, made up of real people, who are all still on the journey to become more like Jesus.

We believe in Jesus' power to redeem and restore everyone to walk out the venture that He has purposed and planned for those He loves.

Getting involved brings ownership to our faith, giving us opportunity to exercise the gifts that God has placed within all of us.

Relational, Real, Redemptive, Involved

Who are we?

We are a people who stand on the Shoulders of pioneers

We have been called not to settle
But to Glance back and to Pioneer Forward
To move beyond the known
And to take new ground

Jesus has not called us to be comfortable
Or stagnant
But rather
A people who Know Him
And who want to make Him Known,
We have been called to this city,
At this time,
To make a difference for the kingdom

We are a church of pioneers
We are a church of pathfinders
We are ...

Venture Church